poeſy (kardiognosis) wrote in believeth_in_me,

It finally struck me

I was proemanding along a street in Wollongong, looking up through the bare branches of a tree at the soft blue sky. The feel of the windy rippled over my skin like silk. I could feel the sandstone buildings step away from me. But then the buildings jumped out at me, and wished to eat me with their rude cement teeth that clotted and polluted the sky and soil.

I want to vanish from the world I find so disgusting. I mean, sure there are things in this world I find so amazingly beautiful. My nana, my Brendan, my friends, nature, history, tradition -- but, atm, they are nothing as compared to my God, my King. There are so many things at the moment that are just going wrong, and I don't wish to talk about them.

And it is thus that, in this moment, why I wish to die and safely rest in the belief of the eternity of my soul. To no longer feel the pain I feel, rather the warm, sweet embrace of Jesus Christ.
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