poeſy (kardiognosis) wrote in believeth_in_me,

Oh why will ye die?

I should like to get to know more about what athiests and agnostics see the point of death as being, and where, if anywhere at all, their soul, if they believe they have one, would go after mortal life?

I understand the point of death as being the beginning of the last pilgrimmage - the final and ultimate journey towards a loving God. In life I sin, and I continually do so, I admit. Sometimes I consciously sin also. Yet in the end I hate this burden, the burdensome lock to sin. I hate it that I am bound unto that which I hate. That is what I look forward to in death, that never more shall I be bound to sin against my consciousness and God. To spend life in eternity's bliss is something that warms my heart at the thought of it. To be joined again with those that I love that, due to circumstances, separated from me and a beating heart, and joined the Almighty above.

All for Jesus! All for Jesus!
This our song shall ever be,
For we have no hope, nor Saviour,
If we have not hope in Thee!

All for Jesus Thou wilt give us
Strength to serve Thee, hour by hour;
None can move us from Thy presence,
While we trust Thy love and power.

All for Jesus! Thou hast loved us;
All for Jesus! Thou hast died;
All for Jesus! Thou art with us;
All for Jesus Crucified.

All for Jesus! All for Jesus!
This the Church's song must be
till, at last, her sons are gathered
one in love and one in Thee!

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