poeſy (kardiognosis) wrote in believeth_in_me,

My final bed

Upon my grave, in many years to come, I would like erected a statue. That statue would be an Angel standing with fortitude and dignity. His legs shall have many muscles, his arms shall be long. His right hand shall raise to point to God's abode, and the other hand shall coil and nestle itself upon the heart, with a meek dove sitting atop the palm. The stern but faithful face of that dear Angel, my bodyguard, shall see through clouds and storms, right up through the heavens, to the humble but almighty throne of God Himself. The Angel's wings would be half spread, as if he were just about to take flight.

I have not yet thought of any lines to be etched on the stone, but, no doubt, they would be of verse, and verse alone. The years - which would be, clearly, beneath the verse - in Roman numerals to mark my birth and death. Below that would certainly be a line from either the King James or Book of Common Prayer.

Yes, that seems fair for a grave to mark my final bed.
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